Right, I’ve done it, I’ve retired.

There are one or two jobs I committed to complete in 2018 - you know who you are - but I’m now not taking any new work.

Thank you so much to all those who trusted me with their home electricity, and plied me with nice biscuits while I did it.  Especially those who asked me back.

Leaving the high-tech telecoms industry was a wrench after so many years.  So was the culture shock of moving from large corporate behaviour to small jobs that you left with cash in your pocket. But along the way I’ve gained a genuine respect for jobbing builders. Their effort, application & resourcefulness is far from the media’s cowboy cliche.

My bus pass arrived years ago, but I pretended that was an aberration.  I now accept that there isn’t a mystery bloke photoshopping me out of pictures and replacing with the image of some old geezer - I really am that old geezer.

But I’m an old geek too.

Thank you all, and God bless.

Steve Taylor
Sefton Park lake
the final curtain ...